22 May, 2014

Election Night with the “Juncker for President” Campaign at the EPP Headquarters – 25 May

Brussels, 22 May 2014

Sunday 25 May – Brussels, Belgium
Sunday 25 May marks the last day of voting across Europe for the 2014 European Parliament elections.

For the first time in the history of European integration, European political parties have nominated candidates for President of the European Commission who have been campaigning across Europe in the lead up to these elections.

The European People's Party (EPP), the party that penned the Treaty disposition allowing for the nomination of lead candidates, will host an election night at its Headquarters in Brussels on Sunday 25 May.

Doors open at 17:00 at rue du commerce 10, 1000 Bruxelles.

The EPP candidate for President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, will follow the events from a location nearby and is expected to make statements at the Headquarters at an appropriate moment in time. He will head to the European Parliament once the Europe-wide results are known.

Throughout the night, a series of speakers from the "Juncker for President" campaign, the EPP and its member parties will make themselves available to comment on events as they unfold.

The EPP is happy to provide a working area with internet connection for a maximum of 100 journalists in the Stanhope Hotel, across the street from the EPP Headquarters.

Drinks and refreshments will also be provided for guests at the Headquarters.

Journalists wishing to attend are invited to register via this e-form: http://epp.org/RGmZ2T

Live satellite broadcast of the events will be available from 19:30 until 00:00 (see connection details below).

In addition, a special Election Night programme produced by EPP TV will be broadcast from 19:30 onwards. It will feature EPP President Joseph Daul; former Latvian Prime Minister and candidate Valdis Dombrovskis; Finnish Minister for European Affairs and candidate Alexander Stubb, among others, speaking from various locations across Europe. More information about the programme can be found here. The EPP TV broadcast will be live streamed from 19:30 onwards on http://www.epp.eu

The latest polling results indicate that the EPP will become the strongest political group in the European Parliament, with a lead of 14-18 seats ahead of the Socialists. (See projections by PollWatch, Cicero and the European Parliament).

Rundown (subject to change):

11:00: Jean-Claude Juncker casts his vote at the Centre culturel Cappellen, 51 route d’Arlon, L-8310 Capellen, Luxembourg.
14:00: Polls close in Luxembourg.
16:00: Polls close in Belgium.
17:00: Election Night event at the EPP Headquarters begins. Polls close in Austria and Cyprus. Exit polls released in Austria.
18:00: Polls close in Germany and Bulgaria. Exit polls released in Germany and Cyprus.
19:00: Polls close in Greece, Hungary, Finland, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Estonia. Exit polls released in Bulgaria. First projections announced in Germany.
19:30: Election Night EPP TV broacast begins.
20:00: Polls close in France, Spain, Romania, Portugal and Denmark. Exit polls released in Spain, Romania and Slovakia. First projections announced in France and Greece.
21:00: Polls close in Poland and Sweden. Exit polls released in Poland and Portugal. First projections announced in Denmark and Finland.
21:00: The European Parliament releases partial data on voter turnout.
22:00: The European Parliament announces first major projection based on exit polls from available countries.
22:30: Leaders of the European Parliament parliamentary groups, including EPP President Joseph Daul, comment on the electoral developments from the European Parliament.
23:00: Polls close in Italy.
23:15: The European Parliament announces first projection based on official partial results.

Satellite information:

DL 11054.156 X
SR 6.111 FEC 3/4