25 May, 2014

Election Night with the “Juncker for President” Campaign on Sunday, 25 May 2014

Provisional run-down of main media events
Brussels, 25 May 2014

EPP Headquarters, Rue de Commerce 10

17:00: Doors open for the press at the EPP Headquarters, Rue de Commerce 10, Brussels

18:30: Press briefing by Martin Selmayr, Director of the “Juncker for President” Campaign, at EPP Headquarters

19:40: Arrival of Jean-Claude Juncker, EPP candidate for next President of the European Commission, at the EPP Headquarters

20:30: Press statement by Joseph Daul, President of the EPP

21:10: Press Statement by Jean-Claude Juncker on turnout and first trends

22:15: Press statement by Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, Secretary-General of the EPP

23:10: Press Statement by Jean-Claude Juncker on the provisional results of the EPP elections. Thereafter transfer to the European Parliament in the “Juncker for President” bus.


European Parliament

23:45: Press Statement by Jean-Claude Juncker in the European Parliament plenary, followed by individual statements and interviews in English, French, German and Lëtzebuergesch

Further events:

Monday, 26 May 2014, 11:00, EPP Headquarters, Rue de Commerce 10:

Jean-Claude Juncker will give a Press Conference on ”The European Parliament Election Results and the Next Steps”

Tuesday, 27 May 2014:

Jean-Claude Juncker will participate in the Meeting of the EPP Presidency and in the EPP Summit of Heads of State or Government, see further information at: http://www.epp.eu/27-may-epp-leaders-meet-summit-brussels-ahead-european-council-enfr

Contact for all media enquiries related to Jean-Claude Juncker:
Natasha Bertaud, Spokeswoman of the “Juncker for President” Campaign, mobile: +32-(0)471 99 85 12

Further details on Election Night at the EPP Headquarters:

The EPP is happy to provide a working area with internet connection for a maximum of 100 journalists in the Stanhope Hotel, across the street from the EPP Headquarters.

Drinks and refreshments will also be provided for guests at the Headquarters.

Journalists wishing to attend are invited to register via this e-form: http://epp.org/RGmZ2T

Live satellite broadcast of the events will be available from 19:30 until 00:00,
Satellite information:
DL 11054.156 X
SR 6.111 FEC 3/4